The Power of Impact Sourcing

Local BPO Business Owners are finding themselves in the powerful position to really make a difference within local communities. The authority to employ high-potential individuals from disadvantaged communities puts them at the forefront of unlocking and developing a new pool of talent, enriching communities and creating a powerful future workforce!

An increasing number of established business’ are adopting an Impact Sourcing Strategy where the ripple of success is gaining momentum and the social awareness impact is definitely being felt.

So what exactly is Impact Sourcing? Simply put, it’s the proposition that people who are locked out of the economy can be trained up to succeed in entry-level jobs and provide the benefit of employment to their families and communities. It is also a proven model that bridges the gap by sourcing people who struggle to access the labour market – either because they  stand outside traditional recruitment pipelines due to their lack of access to networks, or because transport costs from townships to jobs are high. Yet, with proper leadership and investment, this large untapped pool of South African talent has the potential to be groomed into successful call centre agents serving both international and local customers, delivering great results for the BPO industry.

Last year iContact successfully landed an exciting contract that required offshore BPO services into 13 African countries, including Rwanda, DRC and Nigeria (to name a few). The client brief was for their customers in each country to experience local service, in their language, with all the cultural undertones necessary to feeling ‘at home’ and familiar. iContact met the challenge head-on by firstly convincing the client to centralise all their contact centre services so that calls dialled into a local country would be rerouted to iContact’s South African based call centre to be answered by a local agent of that country.

Then began the hiring of expats from the various African countries. This was done through specialised recruitment agencies as well as ongoing engagement with the relevant country’s expat outreach programmes and consulates. Although not exactly local, the migrant community in South Africa is known to be one of the most under-valued, often subjected to our high unemployment rate. Through an interview process iContact was able to offer high-potential expats from disadvantaged communities an income and a sense belonging. In fact, the campaign allowed iContact to do this for over 130 families!

The success of this particularly innovative Impact Sourcing solution was two-fold, in that iContact was able to secure a client who would otherwise not have accepted an off-shore solution, and proceeded to service 13 African countries. Plus, the growth of the campaign went from 12 to 130 full time employees within a 12-month period.

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It’s no wonder Business Process Outsourcing is a growing business trend. By employing a BPO service provider to take care of non-core business processes, an organisation is able to focus on their core competencies and goals.

iContact is a specialised BPO operation based in South Africa that can offer highly tailored services to businesses anywhere in the world.

We are a large-scale, owner-run operation that can provide specialised agents with specific skill sets. We train and coach our agents to meet your stringent requirements. Our service offering is backed by our bespoke software system and the latest technology.

iContact provides customer care, technical support, customer acquisition, analytics, and a range of other BPO/S services.

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