Interview with iContactbpo IT Manager: Ryan Kuys

If agents are the face of a Call Centre, then the IT Department is the brain. We find out more about this often overlooked but vital part of a call centre’s success.

What motivated you to get into a career of this nature?

As a youngster I was always fascinated with technology. Today, I’m still on a constant quest of discovery, always ready to get my hands on the newest and greatest tech to mess around with. As far as making it my career – I love working in the IT department and find myself growing my skills and learning new things daily. The synergy with my work colleagues also motivates me to constantly improve.

Can you describe some of the daily challenges and triumphs in your position?

There is a daily checklist that needs to be run through in order to assure smooth operations. For the most part, the challenges are minor but important issues such as agents who are unable to dial.  I also assist junior technicians to troubleshoot and show them the ropes. My main focus now is rolling out and securing an entire network of more than 700 Desktops/Laptops with an antivirus system. Once this is done, I’ll move on to my next project.

What does your call centre offer clients that makes you stand out amongst your competitors?

The dynamic nature of our business means that we can tailor make any solution for our clients – this ranges from Reporting on Agent Behaviour, to Stats for Inbound/Outbound Campaigns as well as the functionality on reporting we offer. Supplying correct and accurate data in a call centre is vital.

How fast has call centre software evolved and how do you stay abreast with the latest trends?
Keeping up with the trends is important. Call centre software has come a long way in short time. There are so many options – from Chatbots to CRM systems and integrations, lead generations and sending out SMS all in one portal. CRM software basically evolves daily and will continue to grow. That’s what makes it so exciting and my team keeps up to date by attending seminars and keeping an eye on our competitor’s offerings – this helps to see what we might be lacking in such a fast changing environment.

Is technical knowledge or customer service more important in your role?

Having the technical knowledge certainly helps, but doing the job right to make it a success is crucial. Downtime is detrimental to the bottom line of the business – our agents need to dial.

What are some of the personal attributes one requires to take on such a job?

Hard work, dedication, willingness to work late hours to resolve issues and to go the extra mile to ensure the smooth running and ultimate success of the business.

What excites you about working in a call centre environment?

There’s never a dull moment where you find yourself sitting around waiting for work. Every day is different and quiet days are a thing of the past. It’s exciting to bring new clients on board that have a lot of different concepts and functions that they want us to deliver on.

How do you drive your team to ensure overall quality, delivery and success?
You have to stay on top of your game. Communication is key for a functional IT department. Ensuring that I pass my knowledge and expertise down to my guys to help them provide better service. The faster we resolve issues, the better.

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